martedì 29 settembre 2009

The Conspiracy of Strings

This month nearly killed me.
The time to update the blog was naught, and it took me a full month to come out with something interesting for the Game Chef.
Hope I will be able to finish writing it before closing time.
I decided it will be based on Fragma. That's because I got a couple ideas that fit into the dual gaming instance of the system.

There will be a ship, actually an inter-planar, multi-dimensional, time-shifting ship that can sail through anything, be it water, air, fire, earth, light, darkness, solid things, thoughts, dreams, nightmares, story, time, movies, art, whatever. Anything that can be measured can therefore be travelled.

This ship is the base of the Seabirds, a team of inter-planar explorers and researchers that are cheasing the Star of All Knowledge, a powerful artifact lost in time and space. To reach it, they will find other artifacts that will show them the route as inter-planar Divides.

But... the Conspiracy of Strings is hunting the Seabirds and it's trying to either destroy them or recruit them in the effort of discovering the Star before the Seabirds can.
You never know who of your fellow comrade is deoublegaming until it's probably too late.

One of the players will be the Conspiracy, stressing the Seabirds and opposing them with ambushes, traps, scrying them and all such evil affairs.
The other players will be agents of the Seabirds, but they may also play a doublegame and use the Seabirds resources and sell informations to the Conspiracy.

The game is divided into two phases.
The Fleur-de-lis phase, during which the mission to retrieve artifacts informations are prepared and planned, and where the team will decide in which String they will have to descend.
The String phase, where the team is sent into each particular String, which is a defined instance of Reality the Fleur-de-lis can sail to. In this phase the characters will face the challenges the Conspiracy will thrown in and probably all the ones that arise from internal tensions.
The Team will have a Common Reason to recover a specific artifact, but every single character will have his own, and this reasons will clash together each time the Seabirds descend in a String.

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