mercoledì 30 settembre 2009

The Conspiracy of String - introduction

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The Conspiracy of Strings.

This is a game of Wonder, Exploration and Espionage, where you will be send all over Reality to find keys of knowledge that will bring you to clues of further recoverings, picturing a route to the final prize of the Star of All Knowledge, the ultimate Artifact which grants eternal everything.

It’s like this

You will play an Agent of the Seabirds, mysterious gull-men of huge size that developed the technology to travell through anything measurable.

This technology is called sub-positional travel and it’s made possible by the use of un-dimensional engine.

The un-dimensional engine generates a field of un-dimensionality that instantly lowers all the dimensions of a vessel to zero, leaving only positional values coherent.

After activating the un-dimensional engine, a vessel can move through anything that may be in some way measured with the convention of an axis. One axis is the minimal requirement.

The travel is possible because the Global Inter-stringal Positioning System, version E (GiPS-E) can suppose the sub-position of the intended location.

If the supposition of the sub-position is correct, you are supposed to be sub-positioned where you wanted to be.

The outcome of this technology is called Fleur-de-lis and it’s supposed to be the only sub-positional ship.

Actually, an inter-planar, multi-dimensional, time-shifting ship that can sail through anything, be it water, air, fire, earth, light, darkness, solid things, thoughts, dreams, nightmares, story, time, movies, art, immagination, whatever.

Anything that can be measured can therefore be travelled.

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